"Riot Heart" is out on all platforms!

"'Riot Heart' is about being brave and hopeful in the pursuit of love, fighting against all odds and obstacles, and believing that love wins no matter what. My hope is that this song resonates as a battle cry that inspires you to face your fears, own your scars, keep marching on, and never give up because after all, "Isn't love worth fighting for?" - Jessica


  • Words and Music by Jessica Dawn
  • Produced by Jessica Dawn
  • Russ Caldwell: Guitars & Bass
  • Billy Nobel: Piano & Strings
  • Jake LaLonde: Drums
  • Brianna Thompson: Background Vocals
  • Jairo "El Guapo" Ruiz: Engineer
  • Melza Jordan: Mixing and Mastering
  • Additional Credits:
  • Melza Jordan: Brianna's Vocals Arranger & Engineer
  • Ava Baldwin: Cover Art Photography

Jessica Dawn's "Riot Heart" and "Anchor" are captivating and soulful creations that showcase her songwriting prowess with a fresh wave of sounds. Both with inspirational messages that tug on our heartstrings, "Riot Heart" evokes a powerful battle cry for love, where "Anchor" comforts the heart with an encouraging promise. These universal themes about love and hope help soothe the soul as we navigate our own personal storms and the rough waters of today's world. 

 - Della Page Parker

"Anchor" is now available on all platforms!