Jessica Dawn has been honing her craft as a performing songwriter and polishing her sound for many years. She wrote her first song when she was only eight years old. Jessica then realized her dream of being a singer/songwriter and continued to write on an old Casio keyboard and even recorded her early material on her Mom’s retro tape player. From piano lessons in her pre-teens to voice lessons and then teaching herself guitar at eighteen, Jessica continued to embrace her love for creating music. After high school, she started performing her original songs in Virginia Beach, VA, where she was born and raised. She consistently performed shows, both solo and with bands that she herself put together, for many years. Then with much hometown success and experience under her belt, Jessica packed everything she owned into her Chevy van with a suitcase full of dreams and made her way to Nashville, the songwriting capital of the world. Since her move to Music City in 2003, Jessica has fearlessly held onto her dream with determination and persistence. She continues to write songs and perform; consistently doing what she loves.  Not only does Jessica keep growing as an artist, but her loyal fan base continues to grow as well. Audiences are moved by her unique pop/rock sound and compelling lyrics and are captivated by her passionate performances.



"Jessica Dawn is a breath of fresh air to rock and roll, with a soulful sound that breathes life into her lyrics" - Marsha Buehler, SING Magazine 

"Jessica Dawn’s incredible vocal talent and memorable lyrics make her singles ,“Shotgun”, "Houdini", "Red Electric" and “Post-it Note”, sure to appeal to a broad cross-section of listeners and fans." - Randall James, Global Maximus Records 

"Jessica Dawn’s girl next-door bombshell looks and outgoing personality onstage make her an immediate crowd pleaser. However, it’s her dynamite voice that keeps that crowd coming back time and time again." - Melissa Barnes, Music City Muse Live Show Review 

"Jessica Dawn; the Dawn of Rock n' Roll, and we all know that a dawn signifies hope and a new future. She'll tune YOU up. So tune in." - Cory Childs, D.A.M. Magazine

"Jessica Dawn is a powerhouse of raw energy, enormous talent, and positive vibes as she sings from the heart and soul" -
Junior’s Cave Magazine